Swtorista Galaxy Cloth Pouch


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Welcome to the Academy! This cloth accessory pouch features a design with many sci-fi inspired ships on a space background. You can choose what size you want the pouch to be. There is a different version in white as a seperate product.


UPDATE: I have ordered one of these for myself. Unlike most of the other products, this fabric pouch is made of woven fibre, so the lines of the design will be less crisp and sharp, but still looks nice – the photo with the close up of the zipper is a good representation of what it looks like in-person. The galaxy colors are very bright and vivid! If you are looking for something high-qualit check out the Clutch. The Pouch is great for storing stuff though. – Swtorista


Accessory Pouch: Our flat pouches vary from small to large and can be used for pretty much anything. They make excellent pencil cases and cosmetic travel bags. They are constructed from a durable material with a zipper closure. 

.: 100% Polyester
.: Multiple sizes
.: Flat corners
.: Non-woven white or black laminate inside

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